Low Poly Plants - free

So....on my free time I continued making low poly assets for environment scenes, this time, tried working on some plants.  Simple foliage made from modeling a single strand of the leaf, then used array modifier to duplicate the strand.  The leaf strand is already textured before applying the array modifier. 

Get the blend file in google drive here. You may also download it from Blendswap or Opengameart.


Free Low Poly Planet

Hey all! On my blog post about our first mobile game published in the app stores, I talked about Little World Escape, a game where the character jumps from planet to planet while collecting stars and avoiding aliens. The planets used in the game were created in Blender and rendered as images. 

I decided to share this low poly planet from our game. You can use them in your projects. Get it from Blendswap or google drive in this link.


Free Low Poly Tree

So I am starting to practice making low poly models preferably for mobile games, and decided to make a low poly tree as I could probably use it in my assets as well. Trees and foliage are utilized a lot in games. They are essential assets for environments that breathe life into your landscapes. This tree I created in Blender is very simple and did not use any addon or plugin.

The leaves are just subdivided planes that are curved upwards. I used a branch texture downloaded for free here (you need to register to download free stuff) then edited it a little in photoshop.

The trunk is a cylinder with manually extruded branches and the tip merged to make it pointed. Nothing too fancy just enough extrusion and moving of vertices to make it look like a decent tree trunk. Then seams were added (those red lines you see on the trunk) for the UV map as you can see below.  I painted the trunk directly in Blender.

The leaves were added manually on the trunk as well. I just duplicated the planes, adjusted the scale and rotate each to give it a random look.

Here is the final result I got when rendered. You can always edit and give the leaves and the trunk a different color to give it a different mood.

You can download the blend file with textures on Blendswap in this link or google drive here.  Feel free to use this low poly tree in your projects :)


Math for Kids App: Animal Flash Cards

The most easy to use Flash Card App is now available in IOS. Animal Flash cards appeals to ages 1 to 13. It is a very simple app to use for kids and amazingly for FREE! You can also choose the difficulty level from beginner to expert which is absolutely useful for a FREE app!

It is now available on IOS! Click here to download.

Check out Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division as well!


Testing Construct 2

Over the holidays I was messing with Construct 2 - a HTML game creator that requires no coding (since I'm no programmer). Got this on sale few months ago but no time to test until recently. There's a ton of tutorials on their site and if you check Youtube you can find a lot as well.

After hours of beginner tutorials and practice, I finally understood how its events system work. Well, at least the basics.

While learning, somehow a gameplay came to mind so I want to try and see if I could actually create it. I'm a fan of those tower defense mechanics and one-tap gameplays. It's pretty simple. Shoot the triangles surrounding the circles, but avoid shooting the circles.  That's it. The challenge is how you time your shot so you shoot only the triangles.  Obviously that wasn't clear so here is the idea.

As you can see it's a prototype of what I had in mind. But, I want this to have minimalistic graphics, so it would suit the simple gameplay feel, and most probably want to port it to mobile so heavy graphics are a definite no. The simple, the better. Will test this on android soon to see if performance is good or not. It's currently up to 3 levels but the more levels you go, of course the more challenging it becomes.  Probably around 50 levels or so.

There you go. Creating prototypes with Construct 2 is pretty fast. No idea what I will call this game yet I just put in "Shoot the Triangles" for the time being, but will update how this project goes on my next posts.